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Shell says that it supports the Paris climate goals. However, the company annually invests many billions of euros in oil and gas. What is Shell’s true role in the energy transition? ShellWatch contrasts Shell’s actions with its words.

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    What Shell says...

    ... What Shell does

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    Shell to be prosecuted for bribery in Nigeria
    Pk Trucks Holland Aerial Photo
    Shell summoned for explosion Moerdijk
    Oil Spill1
    Shell put Nigeria under pressure with ISDS process to obtain oil field OPL 245
    Shell breaks green promise
    Shell wants to buy Eneco
    'Shell pays no profit tax in The Netherlands'
    Shell in top 10 biggest Dutch polluters
    Shell profits soar to four-year high on rising oil prices
    Shell makes school kids sign unfair contracts
    Shell evicts people from their farmland in Mozambique
    Province Maynas Aerial View Of The Amazon Forest In The Province Of Maynas
    Shell boss says mass reforestation needed to limit temperature rise to 1.5C
    Arctic Ocean Oil Gas
    "​Shell’s core business​ is very much in oil and gas"​
    Shell gives green light to invest in LNG Canada
    Shell And Eni
    Italian judge jails two in Nigerian oil graft case
    Trade group including Facebook, Google and Shell to ‘oppose’ EU climate efforts
    Protest Performance At National Gallery Photo By Kristian Buus
    Van Gogh Museum ends cooperation with Shell
    Shell builds gas stations for hydrogen
    Senegal Car Rapide
    Shell sells carcinogenic fuels on the West African market
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    Shell and Exxon hardly pay for the damages caused by earthquakes in Groningen
    Shell avoids dividend tax
    Shell-funded research led to the abolition of dividend tax
    Hilde Pau 2
    Shell Rejects Climate Demands, Faces a Lawsuit in the Netherlands
    Shell sells 600 service stations
    Oil Recovery Vessel In The Gulf Of Mexico
    Shell invests in oil-field Gulf of Mexico
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    Shell advises shareholders today to vote against the green resolution
    Shell's Co2 emissions increased by 4 percent in 2017
    Shell faces legal action in the Netherlands for its failure to act on climate change
    Shell files criminal complaint against former executive
    ​New Sky-scenario ‘in line with Paris’​, claims Shell
    Shell makes bid for Shalegas BHP Billiton
    Nigerian oil pollution claims against Shell cannot be heard in UK, court rules
    Shell doubles profit
    Shell: we are working on a solution for Groningen
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      Shell no longer liable for debts NAM
    Shell competes for offshore assignments in Mexico
    Shell invests in North Sea oil production
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    New York is suing Shell for its role in climate change
    Eia World Shale Gas Map 2013
    Shell joins Shell joins shale gas revolution
    Influence Map 1
    Shell's lobby is at odds with climate policy
    Rs1679 Nigeria11
    Charges brought against Shell executives for corruption in Nigeria
    Wilfried Koomen Beerput Nederland Foto 2 Doc Kro Ncrv
    Shell promised 20,000 jobs in Moerdijk, but never fulfilled its promise
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    Shell sets climate goals for the first time
    Amnesty International: Shell involved in Nigerian violence
    Shell wants electric charging points at filling stations
    Major Shell shareholder wants to sell shares– share price plunges
    Screenshot From 2017 11 06 10 47 14
    Dividend tax to be eliminated thanks to Shell lobbying
    Shell puts 5 million euros into European gas lobby
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    Shell purchases three Brazilian oil fields
    Shell manager steps down due to fraud
    Shell executive taken to court because of bribery scandal in Nigeria
    Shell purchases charging point operator NewMotion
    Portico  Us Supreme Court Building
    Shell: 'Lawsuits are not the solution to climate change’
    • Images
      San Francisco and Oakland take Shell to court
    Shell influences Dutch education
    Walney Offshore Windfarm  Geograph Org Uk  2391702
    Shell wants to resell its shares in Borssele wind park
    Shell director: 'Generation Discover festival is too important for squabbling’
    Oilspill Screen Shot 2017 10 12 At 17 37 48
    Shell taken to court in London for oil spills in Nigeria
    Oil Platform P 51 Brazil
    Shell and Petrobras to jointly drill for deep-sea oil
    Nigerians storm Shell installations to protest oil pollution
    NAM no longer permitted to call natural gas ‘clean’
    Shell pulls out of controversial Irish gas project
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    Shell returns to North Pole via shareholding
    Allego places quick chargers at Shell stations
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    Shell purchases the world’s largest oil and gas production ship for 1 billion dollars
    Shell Tankstelle
    Shell promises greater transparency on climate risks
    • Kuwait Burn Oilfield
      Shell’s reports on climate risks due since 2015
    Nigerian widows take Shell to Dutch court
    Shell CEO: 'Natural gas plays a crucial role in the transition to a low-emission future’
    • Climate Action Tracker: 'New gas infrastructure endangers climate goals'
    Hurricane Ike Bridge City Tx Shell Gas Station
    30 to 40% of Shell's investments would be worthless if the world complies with the Climate Accord
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    Shell wants larger wind parks in the North Sea
    Donald Trump By Gage Skidmore 5
    Trump pulls out of Paris Climate Agreement, Shell continues to support it
    Kite Power On The Ground
    Shell-backed start-up to test Kite Power system this summer
    ​ Shell under fire at shareholders meeting due to climate policy
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    Shell CEO warns of negative impacts if Trump pulls out of climate agreement
    Oogkleppen Shell Professor Bas Vd Schot 875X520
    Shell influences curriculum at Erasmus University in Rotterdam
    Karoo 265289 1920
    Shale gas permit for Shell South Africa approaching
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    Seven artists arrested at demonstration against Shell cultural sponsoring
    Shell doesn't keep promise to clean up oilpollution Nigeria
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    Shell to shareholders: ‘Government measures needed to stimulate low-carbon technologies’
    • Shell spends 22 million dollars per year lobbying against climate policy
    • Shell lobbying in Brussels for free CO2 rights
    Nord Stream Ceremony
    ​ Shell financing 10 per cent of Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline
    Shell discovers oil in Brunei
    Shell requests environmental permit for gas production in Bolivia
    Rs1679 Nigeria11
    Shell admits that methane leakage could negate climate benefits
    • Shell’s reporting on methane leakage is inadequate
    According to its own General Business Principles, Shell does not tolerate bribery
    • Shell top executives involved in bribery of Nigerian oligarchs
    Shell resists environmental study in Nigeria
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    Shell CEO: There is a lack of confidence in the present energy system
    Shell sells its interest in Canadian tar sands
    Walney Offshore Windfarm  Geograph Org Uk  2391702
    Shell to invest 1 billion euros in renewable energy annually
    Green light for deep-sea drilling in Gulf of Mexico
    Shell invests in Argentine shale gas project in Vaca Muerta
    Shell asks Australian government not to raise tax on oil
    Shell calls for energy transition master plan
    • Markvan Baalen Benvan Beurden
      Shell has advised shareholders to vote against the resolution proposed by Follow This
    • Shareholders vote against green resolution
    Een Zuivormige Gasoliepomp Met Shell Erop En Op De Achtergrond Een Ophaalbrug  Schipluiden  20390028  Rce
    Shell is ‘the most valuable brand’ in the Netherlands
    Shell: electric cars are not a direct threat to filling stations
    • Shell starts fuel home delivery service
    Shell invests in gas infrastructure in Mozambique
    Shell to build Borssele wind parks at sea
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    Shell to invest 10 billion dollars in deep-sea oil extraction in Brazil
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    Shell is responsible for 1.7% of the world’s total industrial CO2 emissions
    Bright Idea
    Municipality of The Hague to subsidize Shell Generation Discover festival
    Shell establishes the Dutch Transition Coalition
    Shell publishes future scenario in line with Paris Climate Agreement
    Shell pays 45 million dollars for oil concessions in Albania
    Port Burgas 2087489 960 720
    Shell signs contract for oil and gas drilling in Bulgaria
    Nigeria to withdraw controversial oilfield
    • Shell executive taken to court because of bribery scandal in Nigeria
    Shell voices support for Paris Climate Agreement in 2015 Sustainability Report
    • ​ Shell CEO: ‘I’ll pump up whatever I can to meet the demand’
    French Foreign Minister Un Secretary General Ban And French President Hollande Raise Their Hands After Representatives Of 196 Countries Approved A Sweeping Environmental Agreement At Cop21 In Paris 23076185424
    Paris Agreement signed
    A Few Palm Trees Remain Standing Amid The Destruction Caused By Typhoon Haiyan In The City Of Tacloban Philippines 11290331484
    Philippine human rights commission begins investigation into fossil fuel companies’ responsibility for climate change
    Hurricane Ike Bridge City Tx Shell Gas Station
    Carbon Tracker: Shell has 77 million dollars in reserves that would be worthless in a 2 degree scenario
    Hydrogen Filling Station
    Shell constructs national network of hydrogen stations in Germany
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    Shell withdraws from the North Pole until further notice
    Shell-founded Energy Transition Commission investigates how fossil fuels could be part of the solution to the climate problem
    Shell believes in a technological approach to European climate policy
    • Shell calls for government support for natural gas, because ‘The Golden Age for natural gas won’t happen by itself’
    Shell receives approval for oil drilling in North Pole region
    Shell thinks it’s important to pay taxes
    • Shell’s ‘tax holiday’ shorts Nigeria 3.3 billion dollars in income
    • Shell pays no corporate taxes in the UK
    • Belasting
      Shell evades taxes via Bermuda route
    CEO Shell: CO2 price is one of the ‘best tools we have’
    • Shell lobbying in Brussels for free CO2 rights
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    Shell responsible for 2.12 per cent of all greenhouse gas emissions in history
    Dutch documentary TV show reveals strong ties between Shell and the Dutch government
    Shell admits that burning all fossil fuel reserves would lead to a temperature rise of ‘far beyond 2 degrees’
    Screenshot From 2017 05 12 10 59 37
    Shell’s future scenarios incompatible with climate goals
    Md Sgt Groningen 29 Low Res Klein
    First large earthquake in Groningen due to Shell gas drilling
    Archiefbinaryshell Ad
    Advertising Code Commission: Shell’s natural gas advertising is misleading
    Rs1508 20120415 151448 Os Scr
    Shell promises to clean up pollution in Nigeria in response to UNEP investigation
    Shell member of American business association that opposes the Environmental Protection Agency’s standpoint on climate change
    Shell builds world’s largest floating gas plant
    Shell ends investments in renewable energy
    HSBC: Shell more vulnerable to CO2 prices than other oil and gas companies
    Rs1343 Chief Scr
    Milieudefensie and Nigerian farmers start lawsuit against Shell
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    Shell wants to invest 15 billion in Canadian tar sands
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    Angry protests in Ireland against gas pipelines
    Shell causes oil pollution in three nature preserves in Argentina
    Shell leaves anti-climate lobbying group, but remains a member of several others
    1998 Shell scenario shows that fossil fuel reserves must stay in the ground
    Shell enters into sustainable energy: ‘The market is going to be big, so we want to get in early’
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    CEO Shell: ‘Denying climate change won’t benefit the oil industry’
    • ​ Shell argues against ‘irresponsible measures’
    Global Climate Change
    Shell researcher: ‘Climate change is the most important environmental issue for the fossil fuel industry’
    Shell researcher: ‘IPCC is authoritative’
    • Shell is member of lobbying group that undermines the legitimacy of the IPCC
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    First climate agreement approved
    First IPCC report: ‘Rise in greenhouse gases due to human activity’
    • Climate Concern
      Shell produces a film on climate change
    Global Climate Coalition Logo
    Shell establishes lobbying group that casts doubt on climate change
    Establishment of the IPCC
    Polar Bear 2199534 960 720
    In internal studies, Shell acknowledges the existence of climate change from CO2 emissions
    Shell: ‘Increase of CO2 in atmosphere is cause for concern’
    Shell is aware of the danger of climate change
    • ​ Shell raises drilling platform due to climate change
    First gas extraction in Slochteren, Netherlands

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